Dave: Outsmart Overdrafts App Reviews

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As soon as I downloaded the app I was denied services. So I deleted app & opt’d out of the text messages. Only to realize that Dave was still charging my Account a monthly fee, even though I’ve never been able to use it . I can’t log into the app anymore because it uses “text verification” . And the customer service is nonexistent!!! What can I possibly do to get them to stop charging my account ?

Great app

Help is on the way and it sure is


Very helpful to have on your phone.

Very Helpful

Dave was able to help me as promised! Great app!

Great app

So far the app seems great!

Great App!

Reliable and always on time with the cash in your account. Easy and stress free!


Love Dave a lot definitely gets me over that hump

Great Customer service

Customer Service is excellent.have always provided me a quick response


I have too many times where I’ve needed the money in between paydays and Dave always comes through in the clutch. Thank you for always being there when I need y’all most !

Stay Away from this app

Recently downloaded this app , and I didn’t mind about the fees or anything . I got to the Last part , where “Dave” would verify my debit card . It took out the $1 very quickly but never wanted to process of putting it back on my card . Yet it took it out 5 times. Keep in mind , that was last week . Today I get paid , pay my bills , and here we go again “Dave” took more money out , and can email you guys a picture of my Wells Fargo Bank Statement to prove it . Quit taking my money , before you guys are sued . Learn how to run a app , because it’s clear you guys need to work on a lot.

$75 to my account

It was fast and accurate! It hit my account but I didn’t get a notification that it was in.


It took Dave the next day to put my cash on my account when i apply for the cash the day before and I pay $4.99 so it will be fast on my account but it wasn’t like that

Not a scam 100% easy and legit

A very good app that does exactly as what it says. I had a overdraft charge then scrolling thru instagram I saw a ad for this app downloaded and had 75 bucks sent to me instantly. This is not a payday loan. I repeat NOT A PAYDAY loan

Must try

Was very easy to apply and to get the help you need...when you low on money I use it and never fails...thank you

Who needs Jim when you have Dave ❤️

Best app for financial tracking and payday advances

Great App

Dave does a great job of helping my e keep track of my finances and when I needed an advance, I had it within 3 hrs.

Dave’s finance!!

Dave’s financial borrowing totally “ROCKS”!!!!🤩


Dave helps me manage my account and gives me cash when I need it! I highly recommend this app! Thanks Dave!


When you need that extra boo$t, look no further! Dave is here!!

When needed

When needed while waiting for a claim to go through- this was right on time

On Point

Honestly have nothing negative to say. Love everything about Dave 😍

Don’t waste your time!!!!

You can’t specify an expense, it has to be something that’s on your bank statement, it takes a week to become verified and you can’t get your first loan for WEEKS!!!!


Dunno yet


At first i was really skeptical on dave, but i have used it twice & it works just as it says it will the advance is done the same day you request it, & it does not pull credit!! I love Dave i shall continue to use it & update if any changes happen.


When I request the money it’s always there rite away. Never any problems for me. I just wish that maybe we could have an option for 100 too. Either way I’ll keep using this app bc I never have had any problems yet.

I see bots

Don’t trust this app it’s a bunch of bots that write reviews if you want some money get a job and if you want a loan go to your home bank simple as that And another reason is that they don’t accept prepaid cards they want your real information so no don’t trust it I don’t care how cuddly the bear looks stay away from apps like this


Just got the app because I was strapped for cash until the beginning of month. Seems like I wasted my time. It keeps say within ten days and it is within ten days. Disappointed and broke. Not what I thought it would be. I wouldn’t recommend the app to friends.


100 percent real appreciate the help

So far.....

So far everything has been effortless and usually I would be suspicious, but this one is different. The financial tools are definitely a big plus.


Very reliable app, he keeps track of your spending and also make sure to have your account never to be overdrawn.Dave is so so good at making sure how much she will have after you spend money on bills expenses etc. can use also convenient and will make sure to give you money when it’s close to the time you have your paycheck coming in. This is a very good app to have if you wanna keep up on your budget and save money at the same time. Dave can do that for you.

Definitely works

I read a bunch of reviews before downloading and I thought I would give it a go. I needed gas pretty badly and I had just paid my car payment and such. My paycheck isn’t until Tuesday so I requested $75 and I did the express delivery and I got it within 1 minute. I went to the gas station and everything worked as normal. Super easy to set up. I love it so much. Thank you Dave!!!


This is a good app to have. Helps monitor my spending and gives me help when I need extra cash.

Amazing minus the cliche

I love the app it just gives me a hard time when it comes to advances

Quick & Easy

I seen a short video on snap and instantly downloaded Dave. As soon as I requested the $75 it was in my account within 5 mins literally. He didn’t waist any time it super quick and easy in my time of need. Definitely helpful and it’s only $4.99 to send the money instantly or standard delivery within 3 days. No extras fees or anything like that. Definitely will be using him again THANK YOU DAVE!!!!

First time

I didn’t know what to expect. I had heard good things so i gave it a try. I advanced $50 received it the next day after signing up. It helped alot I will recommend this service to everyone

Excellent !

Absolutely NO hassle ! And right on time. Thanks DAVE !!!!

Awesome Service

Dave has continued to be there when I need him. Thanks, Dave

Life saver

👌amazing app

Love it

Very helpful app!!

Pretty cool for that “oops” moment.

It comes in handy when I have that “opps” moment. I don’t need it but I prefer to use it instead of dipping into my savings. I very quick and doesn’t cost anything except for a small “tip” if you want to tip.

Overall nifty

I needed gas desperately to get to work today, and submitted for a $25 advance this afternoon at 11. I was approved, and had the advance in my account by 11:15. I’m writing this review at 11:30, from the gas station because I am super happy with the service. Though the $4.99 expedite charge is annoying, it makes perfect sense as to why, and it was an emergency. The budgeting only goes to weekly, which is frustrating because I’d like to add my daily coffee purchase to it. But, overall I am very satisfied with the service!

Sign up

It doesn’t allow me to sign up

So helpful

I had a lot of unexpected emergency costs this month and I was really short. Dave literally sent me 75 and I got it immediately! Literally took me 5 minutes. So grateful.

So far so good

So far Dave has been easy and very helpful. Quickly deposits money and not outrageous on fees

Super helpful.

They are pretty picky about what and who qualifies but when I finally did the payment was less than an hour. Super helpful in a pinch!

Do not stick with Dave!

Great for one time use but after that it takes forever for a payment to process and and then have another advance available.. Some advances, I’d have to wait 4-5 days before they would have it available!! And the customer service is horrible!! They do have the manners for the job but lack the speed to help the customer in a timely manner. If you contact them on the weekend then you’re not going to get help with overdraft protection. That overdraft protection isn’t going to help if you reply 4 days later! This needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY. SIDE NOTE: My sister is currently using EARNIN that is able to confirm a payment and then have money ready BY THE SALE OR NEXT DAY. If not then they will have available the same day you contact them and I am very pleased with this. This blows Dave’s service out of the water. I suggest using their service instead!!! Edit: Still haven’t addressed any of my concerns, to be put simple, Dave either needs to hire more employees in order for faster response time or fire the idiots who take their time..


It’s so easy to use except for the fact that somehow it won’t let me log in with the code. It keeps saying “wrong code.”

Great Loan App!

I was very hesitant of Dave at first. I figured I’d give it a try while I still had the money to cover what I was borrowing. It was quick, easy, and convenient!! I get to choose the amount I want to tip & get my money almost instantly! (There is a fee for this option) I’ve had a few minor issues, like I couldn’t get the app to talk to my bank at first. The support team responded quickly and fixed it in a timely manner. I love this app!

Doesn’t work

This app doesn’t work for entrepreneurs who make money not on a scheduled basis

This App is garbage !

One single change and it won't allow you to advance money. My money comes from the government job I have and is guaranteed even if I'm dead. It'll work for a bit, but good luck keeping t that way !

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