Dave: Outsmart Overdrafts App Reviews

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5 stars

Great app works as advertised

Thank you so much

You’re the best

Great app!!!

I had $$ in my account as soon as I closed the app. Very convenient when in a pinch! Will use again

Petty Cash

Not better than Earnin(Active Hours) but it helps

Thank you Dave!

So far so good. Lost my job and am starting a new job within the next week. Very helpful for food and gas.

Best app ever!

Helps me out so much to have a little cash when I need it in a pinch. So thankful for Dave!


Life Saver! Thanks so much!!!!

Easy, great experience!

Thanks Dave!

Great app

Perfect for budgeting, which I was terrible at doing


I thought it was fake but no it’s real I got a loan and like that boom money in my account and it gives you the choice to tip or not it’s ur choice I luv this app thanks Dave

Very helpful app

This app is definitely a go to app to help control your expenses and to help you out on a bad week with advances

Helped me out of a tight spot😉

Dave was able to help me get to my next paycheck with out struggling.. Thanks Dave👍🏻

Amazing app

Dave is an amazing app that gives you money in a pinch

I thought it was a joke

They give real help and real money.


Best app ever, kid you not. Received my money in about an hour, and will be paying it back next week. So thankful for this app! Thank You Dave! 😁

Real Deal

At first when my son told me I thought is was a scam, but he told me to try and see. I asked for $10 and I had in my account literally in 15/20 minutes. I have told everyone about Dave. Thanks!

This APP Is Perfect

Phenomenal App Really Helps With Budgeting a Must Download

Save the day

Love so much I really needed the money and I got it

Dave is simple and great

Helps when you need it the most. It’s fast and easy to use. It’s simple to follow along and use got $75 3 days before payday to help us out

First time user

I saw a commercial for this and I didn’t think that it was true. So i downloaded the app a couple of weeks ago and never used it. Well, yesterday i found myself in a bind and i decided to is use the app. I had the money within two hours of completing the application. Thanks Dave, your a life saver.


This app comes in handy

I’m in love with this app it’s easy and fast ❤️❤️❤️

Love Love ❤️

Tiffany P.

Love this app, reliable when you’re in a pinch.

Super helpful

Great app to help you remain financially stable

Dave is great!

It actually works! I have 0 complaints about Dave! I’d recommend it ! Long description short ! You are basically Borrowing money from yourself. To come out of your next Direct deposited checked!!

Great service


Works great so far

I was a little skeptical at first but the same day I registered I was advanced 75.00. The percentage added to the amount is no big deal compared to the assistance. I accidentally gave to the trees. Lol but that’s no real issue. I’m a teacher and I can see me using this monthly. Lol. Thanks Dave

I love Dave

This app have saved my life so many time


It helps me a lot

Easy peasy

Highly pleased at the ease of the loan!


at first I thought this app was a scam but it’s not! It alerts you when your next bill is due and it alerts you if you are about to over draft. No hidden fees or extra charges and they also let you borrow up to 75$ if needed and you just pay it back next pay day! Very useful app I def recommend if you want to learn how to save and budget your money!


Wicked helpful needed gas to get home, dave was there to help fill my tank

Great in a pinch

Used the Dave app for the first time and I would have to say it really helped when I was in a pinch. The money was there within less than an hour.

Best App Ever!!

Ever need a little extra money til your paycheck for gas, groceries, whatever, use this app!! I got $75 twice the last two pay cycles and it has helped so much! Thank you Dave and Mark Cuban ♥️

Scary awesome

Requested $25 got it in 5 minutes. Will cost me $28.99 over. Great app so far!

Worked as advertised

I got the Money within seconds of signing up and entering all my information. Pretty cool.

Comes through in a crunch

Good for when you are in a bind and you don’t want to ask family or friends for $50!


Awesome app

New user

So far so good.

Enough said

Gave me enough money to buy condoms What a life saver

Definitely worth a shot

I was kind of iffy at first with never having done this. But since I have no one else to turn to, and with payday a bit a way, when absolutely no funds are available to support myself and another, this app helped us out A LOT. Will be recommending.


Dave was a life saver and I deff received the money as soon as possible but I didn’t plant them trees it happened in its own but other then that awesome app very helpful

Great app

Money comes instantly!!! Love Dave


GREAT app always helps me with my overdraft and anytime the app has acted funny they have always support overrides to be able to help!!! LOVE DAVE!!

Fast and convenient

Received the money within less than an hour I love it


Good service.


First time so far so good

Love it



Really cool app & helps out when your in a pinch. I will have this app for as long as it doesn’t mess up


Great app for when you need a helping hand

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