Dave: Outsmart Overdrafts App Reviews

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Amazing!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I was negative -15 in my account i did a cash advance from Dave for $50 and it was there immediately. This app is amazing and it comes right in the blink of an eye to the rescue. It will automatically pay back on Monday and than i can get another cash advance. Thanks Dave 🙏🏽

Great app

I love it

Payday loan

Came instantly even after Dave said 8hrs n it really helped me out


Is a good app for when u are low on funds! No hassle at all. :)

Love it

Always there when I need it

Cash on the spot

Was in a tight spot and Dave came in quick. Thanks a lot guys very much appreciated. Definitely will do business with again.


Very good

Great app

I didn’t think anything if it until I tried it. It’s great between paychecks and the fees are great. I would recommend

It’s real

It’s super real. Defintely awesome


This app absolutely helpful when I’m in financial crisis

Still taking my money

I haven’t had this app in months but for whatever reason it’s still charging me.


Have been a great help for me


Great app Fun easy


Super fast!!

Best app

Quick & easy love it!

Great, easy, but yes.. addictive

It really is as easy as it sounds but max advance is $75 so as long as you have a job that pays decent, you don’t dig yourself too deep like other pay day advances.

Dave’s app

Cool very handy when in need of cash so far!

Awesome App!!

Very easy to use!

I’m shocked to say the least

I have never seen anything like this. This was so helpful. I love it.


Got me the money in little as 2 hours I recommend this app to everyone


Super easy to navigate and use!!


This app is really helpful i can always get a loan

Definitely work

Great app. Comes in handy especially when you’re only a few days away. Make sure to pay back on time

Not a bad thing if you’re really hurting

I got the $2.99 instant transfer and it was immediate However the $2 they charged for the account plus $3 for the fee makes this a big rip off at a $20 request Even though fees can be outrageous, my bank generally credits me the next day for them If you add a tip it’s a scam for sure with nearly $7 added to the $20 owed Bg

Very useful

Perfect and easy, when you’re in a bind and need a few bucks till payday Dave is the only way to go.

Try it out!

Love love love I swear this helps me out so much when I don’t have money left

Dave’s got MY BACK!

This app has helped my life so much. Literally a LIFE-SAVER. It advances you money from your paycheck ANYTIME! And you pay it back. It basically gives you your own money when you can’t wait 2 weeks for that next check... and you are HUNGRY, need gas, need to buy a gift, outfit to wear for school/ work etc. LIFE HAPPENS and this helps so much. Can’t say enough great things! Thanks Guys! App is very smooth and easy to use. Y’all are doing great things🤓😊

brandon 💯💯

Thanks Dave for the cash much needed and much appreciate your business sir

Nice app!



Fast and easy

I love this app

It work I had my money less then 2 mins


I requested money and it was there as soon as I hit the confirmation button!


I found myself needing money ASAP! Dave did just that gave me what I needed right there and saved me! It really does work and I'm glad that I had this as an option. I'll continue to use when I find myself in a rut. It's also not hard to use at all! Thank you Dave 💕😄



Dave had saved me in so many ways

Was fast and easy

Dave is Awesome!!

I was in a bind!! Dave came through!! Almost have great budgeting and finance tips!!

Love this App!!

Yesterday I needed money to get gas and all I had to do was go on on Dave app. Dave will give you 3 amounts you are approved for. Then you can select how much you need and he’ll send it to you as long as you pay him back. Dave really helps me in my times of need! Can’t be more grateful for this app!


I love Dave I don’t know how I’d get from one pay day to the next sometimes without him. I don’t always need it and that’s the cool factor here is that when you need him he’s there.


I found the app very easy to use and I was able to get a cash advance within an hour after my initial request.

really works!!!

super helpful and honestly i expected it to be covered in red tape, but honestly this app really works and is very easy to use, kept food in my mouth thanks dave!!!


This service is great. Really no other words for it.

Dave app

Only provide $15 at first which isn’t much


I thought this was a scam app! But when I needed the money till pay day I gave it a try! And Dave loaned me the money needed till payday no crazy interest fees! It’s free to get the money u need sent or pay a small fee to get in within 8hrs! Great App Thanks Dave


Best app everrrrrr

Skeptical at first

I was skeptical at first, I thought it was a scam but Dave has turned out to be an awesome app! I have not had any issues so far

Perfect and quick

Exactly what I needed, and had the app for a bit before using it. FAST deposit, and the $4.99 fee is super reasonable for an expedited fee! Thank you Dave!

Instant life saver

I was hesitant on the concept till I actually needed an advance. I sign up and literally in like mins they had my online bank info and saw my deposit dates and in the next few minutes it hit my account. I was in shook on how it worked. Worth keeping on your phone


Money was there quickly

Dave is awesome!

Sounds too good to be true but it isn’t!

so great!!

this app has helped me so much and has been so great

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